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Entry #1


2015-10-25 02:16:05 by SeanFleming

I'm posting some drawings here cause deviant art isn't very good.


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2015-10-25 03:58:39

How so?

SeanFleming responds:

Well my stuff dosen't really get noticed alot.


2015-10-25 15:39:14

i don't use DA much but i'm always hearing complaints about it, NG will hopefully treat ya better though

SeanFleming responds:

Thanks man.


2015-10-25 21:08:02

Maybe you're new,maybe give it a little more time and there could be results...

SeanFleming responds:

I'm new here though I have visited this site many times before I just wasn't using an account.


2015-10-25 21:50:28

Me too,in fact,this site is kinda like my other life.